Thanks to our roughly 3,500 shareholders, great commitment and substantial investments, we are intent on sustainably maintaining and further developing this diverse excursion and recreation region.

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Sattel-Hochstuckli AG - Annual General Meeting on August 2, 2023

At the General Meeting on August 2, all agenda items were approved. Except for the agenda item for the written vote on agenda items 3 and 4.

1. Approval of the annual financial statements 2022/2023 with
Report of the Statutory Auditors
2. Resolution on the appropriation of the accumulated loss 2022/2023
3. Discharge of the Board of Directors
4.1 Re-election of Pirmin Moser to the Board of Directors (term of office 3 years, until 2026)
4.2 Re-election of Franz Lüönd to the Board of Directors (term of office 2 years, until 2025)
5. Election of the auditors Convisa AG, Schwyz for a period of
1 year
10. Written vote on agenda items 3 and 4


The Board of Directors and the General Management would like to thank all shareholders for their support and loyalty.

The annual reports of the last few years: