Sustainable corporate development is close to our hearts

We have been working for many years on making sure that our mountain is preserved as a destination and recreational area for generations to come.
Because the landscape is our capital. We take into account the concerns of nature and landscape conservation in our thoughts and actions.
On this basis we aim to keep developing responsibly together with our staff and in trusted collaboration with our business partners, sponsors, suppliers, landowners and authorities.

Electricity from the region with Muota sun 

The revolving gondola lift and all installations run on Muota sun, which is produced from 100% solar energy. The electricity comes entirely from regional photovoltaic plants in Gersau, Steinen, Sattel and Schwyz. We work closely with the local electricity provider ebs Energie AG.

We purchased 10,000 kWh of Muota sun electricity in the last hydrological year. Renewable and regionally produced electricity is important to us and we set a sign for sustainable power supply.

Certificate Muota sun electricity

Eco diesel and particle filter

All our ski slope vehicles are equipped with particle filters. We also use exclusively eco diesel.

In addition, we have adopted numerous smaller measures. We are nonetheless aware that this is a process that needs to be improved continually.

Electricity charging station

Around the valley station of the Sattel-Hochstuckli there are electric charging stations of the ebs Energie AG.

E-bike charging station

A charging station for e-bikes is located directly next to the entrance of the revolving gondola at the bottom station.
The charging cable must be brought along.

Electric cars

For electric cars there is an electric filling station at the roundabout car park. A charge costs CHF 3. Payment options are via QR code with credit card or smartphone app (e.g. Chargemap)

All electric filling stations are provided by ebs Energie AG and are accessible 24 hours a day.

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Sustainability program of the Swiss Toursimus.

Sattel-Hochstuckli AG has fulfilled the criteria for and participates in the sustainability program Swisstainable.
Nature touches us when we leave it untouched. Switzerland as a travel destination stands for spectacular mountains, wild canyons, mystical forests; our nature has the power to give energy. We also want to preserve this - for many generations to come.
The goal of Switzerland Tourism with Swisstainable is to create more orientation for the guest. For this purpose, they have created the Swisstainable program with external experts and in close cooperation with the tourism associations.

OK:GO Partnership

OK:GO ensures that information on the accessibility of tourist offers is available to the public. An eventful day on the family mountain is possible even if you have a mobility restriction. We are looking forward to your visit.