Summit LOOP trail

The Summit LOOP trail via the Hochstuckli offers pre-alpine scenery and varied paths.

Respectful behavior in the alpine area.
Please read and follow the rules here.

The Summit LOOP trail keeps hikers engrossed not only with its fabulous views and beautiful landscape but also with the seven installations by Adrian Tobler, which make you take a closer look at the concept of nature and will bring a smile to your face. Funnel-shaped and resembling the inverted milk funnels that mountainfolk traditionally used for the call to prayer, the installations show in great detail the hidden and overt changes that the landscape has undergone and raise the question of how far tourism should be allowed to intrude on nature.


Length 6.5 km
Duration approx. 2.5 hour
Altitude difference 430 m
Max. altitude 1,566 m asl
Start and finis Mostelberg mountain station
Character loop trail / mountainous terrain
  • Hiking boots are recommended
  • Not suitable for prams and wheelchairs

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