Sattel-Hochstuckli AG

Founded in 1950, Sattel-Hochstuckli AG is now one of the most innovative mountain railway operators in central Switzerland.

Mission statement Sattel-Hochstuckli AG


1950 Opening of the chairlift und Skilift Bärenfang
1951 Opening Skilift Stuckli
1993 Opening of summer toboggan run
1994 Purchase Skilift Engelstock
2003 Opening bouncy castles «Stuckli Jump»
2004 Purchase Skilift Bärenfang
2005 Opening of Stuckli Rondo, the world’s first revolving gondola cableway
2004 Purchase Roller Park Sattel
2010 Opening of Skywalk, then Europe’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge
2011 Purchase Berggasthaus Mostelberg
2015 Opening of magic tunnel/tubing run
2018 TourCert sustainability certification – the first cableway worldwide to receive it
2021 Opening of the theme and adventure trail Goat Trail

We attract more than 200,000 visitors and guests each year. Turnover is evenly split between summer and winter. This is the result of our four-season strategy, which we have defined years ago.

Board of directors

Martin Ulrich, chairman of the Board, Sattel

Pirmin Moser, vice president, Sattel

Franz Lüönd, Schwyz

Patricia Lustenberger-Fach, Sattel

Roman Iten, Sattel

Remo Gwerder, Sattel

Our team

More than 70 committed staff form the basis for your extraordinary experiences in our region. They work relentlessly to ensure that our guests enjoy their visit.

Theo Baumann | Managin Director and head of operation | +41 41 836 80 81
Armin Savoy | Facilities Manager | +41 41 836 80 80
Sandra Martegani | Head of cash register and sales | +41 41 836 80 80
Evelyn Kälin | Accounting & Share register | +41 41 836 80 82
Madeleine Zürcher | Head of Marketing | +41 41 836 80 83
Michelle Furrer | Operations Manager Berggasthaus Mostelberg | +41 41 836 80 70
Patricia Baumann | Operations Manager Berggasthaus Mostelberg | +41 41 836 80 70

Public limited company

Thanks to our roughly 3,500 shareholders, great commitment and substantial investments, we are intent on sustainably maintaining and further developing this diverse excursion and recreation region.

Would you like to acquire shares and become part of the Hochstuckli family? Contact us at or phone +41 (0)41 836 30 30. We’d be happy to welcome you into our shareholder circle.

Written General Meeting of July 27, 2021

Sattel-Hochstuckli AG held this year's Annual General Meeting Corona conditionally in written form. Deadline for a valid written vote was July 19, 2021.

On Monday, July 26, 2021, the returned letters were opened, the voting cards were checked for validity and separated from the voting envelopes. Subsequently, the voting envelopes were opened at the municipal office under the supervision of the deputy municipal clerk, the votes were counted and recorded in Excel spreadsheets.

All proposals were accepted - election result.

The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee would like to thank the shareholders for their participation and the numerous constructive feedbacks

The complete Annual Report 2020/2021:

Annual Report 2020/2021

The annual reports of the last few years: