29. Juni 2023

Sattel-Hochstuckli will focus on beginners in winter

Media release on the repositioning of Sattel-Hochstuckli AG.

In the future, the focus will be on winter sports beginners as well as experiences in the snow and offers without snow. The two ski lifts at Hochstuckli will no longer be operated. Skiing operations will be concentrated on the facilities at Engelstock. This repositioning has economic, social and climatic reasons.

Sattel-Hochstuckli AG is undertaking a strategic repositioning and sees itself in future as a centre of excellence for snow sports beginners in winter. "We are focusing on what we already do very well together with our partners and for which we have good prerequisites," explains Chairman of the Board Martin Ulrich. In winter, the focus of business activities will be on the family mountain experience with and in the snow, with and without winter sports equipment. The already successfully positioned product "one-two-ski" will be marketed even more prominently. Likewise, further offers are being developed that are suitable for the whole year and those that also work in winter with little or no snow.
The competence centre for beginners in snow sports will be spatially concentrated in the Mostelberg-Engelstock area with the Engelstock ski lift, Rondo's Learning and Fun Land with its children's lifts and magic carpet as well as the conveyor belt in the return tunnel. In this area there is also the possibility to continue the support of the ski youth with the evening trainings and competitions.

Hochstuckli turns into a "snow mountain for all"
This strategic repositioning means that the two ski lifts Bärenfang and Hochstuckli will no longer be operated. The Herrenboden-Hochstuckli area turns into a "snow mountain for all". Gentle and nature-based, partly guided winter offers with little infrastructure will find a place there and be developed. This repositioning was decided by the Board of Directors not least under the impression of the past, very demanding winter, and after a thorough analysis of the current economic situation of Sattel-Hochstuckli AG. The Board of Directors also took into account relevant trends, the development of the needs of the main target groups, the noticeable climate change and the future entrepreneurial challenges.

Painful farewell
The Board of Directors is aware that this repositioning and the associated abandonment of the two transport facilities on the Hochstuckli is painful for tourism partners and for the population of Sattel and the surrounding area, and that it represents a farewell to a cherished tradition. However, the current winter operation is clearly no longer economically justifiable and jeopardises the continued existence of the company as a whole.

Making space for something new
Letting go also means creating space for something new, both spatially and mentally. This repositioning frees up space, resources and energies for the development of offers beyond and complementary to the existing ones. Sattel-Hochstuckli wants to continue to be "The Family Mountain" with a year-round attractive offer, which is created according to objective criteria and can thus form the basis for the further development and long-term safeguarding of the company.

Information provided by:

Martin Ulrich, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Tel. 079 253 66 13

Pirmin Moser, Vice President
Tel. 079 454 48 05

Sattel, 28 June 2023

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