IGSU ambassadors ensure clean hiking trails

					The Interest Group for a Clean Environment IGSU actively draws the attention of hikers to the issue of littering.
							The active awareness-raising work of the IGSU ambassador teams in our towns and mountains raises the population's awareness of the littering issue and encourages them one-to-one to dispose of and recycle correctly. Unfortunately, a lot of litter is still thrown away and left lying around on hiking trails and at fireplaces. Already last year, a team of ambassadors was on site in the summer and sensitized guests about the topic of littering and "cleaned" the hiking trails.

On Wednesday, September 29th, the IGSU ambassador team will stop by at Sattel-Hochstuckli. The interest group for a clean environment IGSU will be on the road in the area Mostelberg to Herrenboden with a small car and draw the attention of hikers to the issue of littering.


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Maintenance until 16 April 2021 - all facilities closed. The summer season starts on Saturday, 17 April 2021. We look forward to seeing you again.