We offer skiers and snowboarders 14 kilometres of varied slopes from 800 to 1,600 metres above sea level. The slopes are perfectly suitable for families, beginners, refreshers or for a spontaneous day out with short travel times.

Season ticket order form 2022/2023

FIS rules of conduct for skiers and snowboarders.

Rondos learning and fun land, the children's world, has it all to help children to master the basics of these popular winter sports. That includes a beginner’s lift, magic carpets and funny characters. Courses can be booked at the ski school.

Parents appreciate the ease of surveillance and orientation of our terrain. They can let their youngsters do a few runs on their own while they relax over a cup of coffee on the sunlit terrace and watch them having fun.

Our central location makes even a half-day visit worthwhile. You will reach us in just 30 minutes from Zug, for instance, or 45 minutes from Zurich.

Rates winter 2022/2023

The ski day passes are also valid for the 3.5-kilometre winter toboggan run

Day pass, skiing & tobogganing


Pensioners & 

16–20 years


6–16 years

Day pass CHF 42 CHF 36 CHF 19

Reduced day passes


Pensioners & 
16–20 years

6–16 years

3 hours ticket CHF 33 CHF 31 CHF 19

* return trip with Engelstock ski lift and revolving gondola possible until closing time.

Rondos learning and fun land

Children 3-6 years
day pass
CHF 10
season pass CHF 100

All day passes include ad-mission to Rondo's Learning and Fun Land.

More Day Passes


Pensioners &
16–20 years

6–16 years

2 days CHF 76 CHF 65 CHF 34
3 days CHF 108 CHF 93 CHF 49
4 days CHF 138 CHF 118 CHF 62
5 days CHF 164 CHF 140 CHF 74
6 days CHF 186 CHF 160 CHF 84
7 days CHF 206 CHF 176 CHF 93
8 days CHF 222 CHF 190 CHF 100
9 days

CHF 234

CHF 201 CHF 106
10 days CHF 244 CHF 209 CHF 110
14 days CHF 294 CHF 252 CHF 133

all prices excl. CHF 5 deposit

one, two, ski

We make it easy for you to get (back) into winter sports.

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The ski day tickets are also valid for the use of the toboggan run and the revolving gondola.

Reduced children's rates apply from 6th to 16th birthday.

CURRENT: In case of partial ski operation the day tickets are offered at a reduced price.

Season Ticket


Pensioners &

16–20 years

Children 6–16 years

Season Ticket Ski and Tobboganing

Advance sale until 2 December 2022

CHF 435

CHF 410

CHF 345

CHF 325

CHF 295

CHF 275

Season Ticket Family*

Advance sale until 2 December 2022

CHF 400

CHF 400



CHF 195

CHF 195

Season Ticket valid Monday to Friday

CHF 270

* At least 1 parent and any number of own children up to 20 years of age


Holders of Sattel-Hochstuckli season tickets also benefit from:

Partner communities

Residents of our partner communities (Baar, Oberägeri, Sattel, Steinen, Steinerberg, Unterägeri) benefit from special prices.

Directly to skiing fun by bus

The winter season tickets of Sattel-Hochstuckli AG, Swiss Knife Valley and Schneepass Zentralschweiz* entitle you to direct winter sports rides on the buses of AUGO AG SCHWYZ to the valley station in Sattel from the start of the winter season until the end of the winter season.

* = Only if the Snow Pass Central Switzerland was purchased in the corresponding "home area". Cf. imprint on the snow pass.

Swiss Knife Valley

We are part of the Swiss Knife Valley alliance.

1 ticket for 7 ski areas with 45 transport facilities and more than 120 kilometres of slopes. The season ticket Swiss Knife Valley offers a great snow experience at a reasonable price.

The Swiss Knife Valley season ticket is valid in the following areas: Mythenregion, Sattel-Hochstuckli, Stoos, Rothenthurm-Neusell, Einsiedeln-Bennau, Rigi and Rigi Scheidegg-Burggeist. It is available as a day, multi-day and season ticket. With the season ticket, the buses of Auto AG Schwyz can also be used for direct winter sports trips. The Swiss Knife Valley season ticket is an offer from the Swiss Knife Valley tariff association.

Pandemic insurance included!

The evening rides (lantern path/night sledding) are not included in the Swiss Knife Valley Pass.

More information

Schneepass - Unlimited winter fun in Central Switzerland

With the Central Switzerland Schneepass, over 600 kilometers of slopes in 15 different ski areas throughout Central Switzerland are available.
There is a suitable area for every taste and requirement: small, family-oriented regions, ideal for beginners, are just as much a part of it as the large glacier ski areas at up to over 3,000 meters above sea level. Thanks to the electronic subscription («Keycard»), the tiresome exchanging of the subscription at the valley station is definitely a thing of the past. Enjoy direct, contact-free access to the ski area and thus more time on the endless slopes of Central Switzerland. The Central Switzerland snow pass is valid during the official winter season 2022/2023 at the participating ski areas.

The evening rides (lantern path/night sledding) are not included in the Schneepass.

Information about the Schneepass

SchneepassPlus - The subscription for unlimited winter and summer sports fun

With the SchneepassPlus Central Switzerland, over 600 kilometers of slopes in 15 different ski areas throughout Central Switzerland are available. And that's not all, you can also use the SchneepassPlus all summer long in 12 Central Swiss summer resorts from 1 October 2022 to 30 September 2023.

Information about the SchneepassPlus

Tariff association Meilenweiss

The largest tariff association in the Pre-Alps enables you to enjoy piste fun in 4 countries and we are part of it.

1 annual pass - 4 countries -  19 districts - 311 railways - 862 km of slopes

The annual ticket Meilenweiss includes the most beautiful excursion mountains of the Pre-Alps. The cross-country subscription enables mountain experiences in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany at a flat rate. A total of 19 winter and 17 summer destinations are part of the tariff association.

The evening rides (lantern path/night sledding) are not included in the Meilenweiss Pass.

The members of the Meilenweiss tariff association
Flumserberg ¦ Wildhaus ¦ Pizol ¦ Elm ¦ Malbun (FL) ¦ selected areas of the 3TälerPass-Verbund (AT) such as Damüls-Mellau ¦ Amden ¦ Braunwald ¦ Grüsch-Danusa ¦ Wolzenalp ¦ Laterns (AT) ¦ Mythenregion ¦ Stoos ¦ Sattel-Hochstuckli ¦ Liftverbund Feldberg (DE) ¦ Atzmännig ¦ Ebenalp ¦ Tanzboden (only in winter) ¦ Hoher Kasten.

Family Annual Pass

The new family season ticket, allows you to enjoy leisure time with the whole family. The family season ticket at the advance sale price of CHF 2309.00 is valid for two parents with any number of children up to 18 years of age living in the same household. Until 30 November 2022, the all-inclusive price for the small family annual season ticket is CHF 1419.00 and is valid for one parent and any number of children up to 18 years of age. Again, the condition is that everyone lives in the same household. Proof of this is provided at the time of purchase with a current confirmation of residence.

Tariff overview

Presale**: 1 October - 30 November 2022 | Standard rate: from 1 December 2022

You are welcome to order Meilenweiss Annual Passes from 1 October 2022 by filling in an order form at the box office at one of the sales outlets nearby.

sales outlets:
Sattel-Hochstuckli ¦ Flumserberg ¦ Wildhaus ¦ Pizol ¦ Elm ¦ Malbun (FL) ¦ Braunwald ¦ Grüsch-Danusa ¦ Wolzenalp ¦ Mythenregion ¦ Stoos ¦ Atzmännig

Prices Meilenweiss Annual Passes

Annual ticket Presale ** Normal rate
Adults aged 18 and over, born 2004 CHF 1049 CHF 1099
Young people 12 to 18 years, born 2005 - 2010 CHF 679 CHF 712
Children 6 to 12 years, age group 2011 - 2016 CHF 519 CHF 544
Family annual ticket Presale ** Normal rate
2 parents & any number of children up to 18 years, living in the same household CHF 2309 CHF 2409
Small family annual ticket Presale ** Normal rate
1 parent & any number of children up to 18 years, living in the same household CHF 1419 CHF 1519

Confirmation of residence for the right to purchase the family annual pass Meilenweiss 2022/23

The annual ticket is valid from 01 November 2022 to 31 October 2023.

Reimbursement Meilenweiss Annual Pass

A lot of pleasure - little risk.

The Meilenweiss tariff association insures annual ticket holders financially in the event of an officially ordered closure of all railway operations in the districts as a result of a pandemic or epidemic.

Annual Pass
In the event of an officially ordered closure of the railway facilities of all Meilenweiss-areas due to an epidemic or pandemic in winter 2022/23 or summer 2023, purchased annual tickets will be refunded pro rata to the number of officially ordered closing days, whereby the following value distribution of the purchase price of the annual ticket applies:

  • Winter season (15.12.2022 to 15.03.2023): 90% of the purchase price
  • Summer season (15.06.2023 to 15.10.2023): 10% of the purchase price

The date of purchase is not taken into account in the calculation of the refund. Refunds must be requested online within 30 days of the end of the 2023 summer season and will be made within three months of receipt in the form of a voucher which will be used to purchase the next Milesweiss-Jahreskarte. Refunds will only be made if the refund amount is at least CHF 50.00.