Rondos Scavenger hunt

Experience an exciting scavenger hunt with the Rondos on the Bridge LOOP trail.

The four little gondola characters live on the family mountain and are called Rondina, Rondi, Rodinella and Rondu. Each of the gondola characters has their own preferences, fears and quirks. Get to know them better on the scavenger hunt.

And this is how it works:

  • Pick up the treasure map at the valley station.
  • Five small boxes with the respective solution word and another clue are hidden along the way.
  • You will find the first clue at the top station.
  • Fill in the solution words on the treasure map.
  • Return the completed treasure map to the valley station. Then you will automatically take part in the preliminary draw.

The draw for the competition always takes place at the end of the month. With a bit of luck you will win a combination ticket Rondos Playland for four persons with a value of CHF 135.

Good luck

For children and teenagers up to 16 years.