3 years, 1 pass.

Dear Friends of the Family Mountain: The winter sport season is over, and the summer is waiting to happen. But as you know, we are never running out of interesting and fascinating things to do for you, whether you’re young or old. So it’s about time we create an offer that will allow you all-year access and all-year fun on the Sattel-Hochstuckli family mountain.

3 years, 1 pass.

Enjoy riding the revolving gondola as often as you want for the next three years. In winter, all ski lifts as well as the Playland will be included. It takes just a few visits a year for you to fare better with the 3-year pass than when buying day passes or return trips individually.


Valid 3 years from Apr 2019 to Mar 2022

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3x season pass

You save
Adults CHF 990 CHF 1845 CHF 855 Order now
Children up to age 16 CHF 495 CHF 1185 CHF 690 Order now
Families1) CHF 2500 CHF 5250 CHF 27502) Order now
Businesses employees (2 passes)3) CHF 5000 Order now
Businesses clients (1 pass)4) CHF 3500 Order now

1) Parents and all children up to age 16 living in the same household.
2) Sample calculation: saving potential for 2 adults and 2 children.
3) Transferable StuckliPass for your employees. Each additional StuckliPass costs CHF 2,500
4) Transferable StuckliPass for your customers.

The sale of the Stucklipass will finance the renewal of the snowmaking system in the Hochstuckli area. By June 2019, 600 Stuckli passes had been sold. This secures the financial means for the renewal of the old system.

The attractive Stuckli Pass will be available until the end of 2019.

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We are happy to answer any questions about the StuckliPass by phone or e-mail.

041 836 80 80


That's what it is

Enjoy free travel all year round with the world's first revolving gondola lift. In winter, all ski lifts and the children's area are also included. With the StuckliPass you can ski for less than the price of a winter season ticket and get the summer free of charge.

Families benefit even more: parents and all children up to the age of 16 living in the same household receive the StuckliPass for only CHF 2500.

The Stucklipass for companies

As an employer, give your employees something back. With the transferable Stucklipass you support the work-life balance of your employees. And best of all: the company pass costs you CHF 5000 and you receive two.

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Details of the new snowmaking system

With the purchase of the Stucklipass you not only benefit from an unbeatable offer, but also make a contribution to the renewal of the snowmaking system. This is urgently needed. The 30-year-old lines of the existing system have exceeded their life cycle and could not be put into operation this winter. With the new snowmaking system, Sattel-Hochstuckli is less dependent on natural snow. This means that the ski lifts can be put into operation earlier and more often. This not only benefits skiers from near and far, but also numerous school classes and ski clubs in the region.

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The Patronage Committee

The regional orientation of our offers and the support of the local population is very important for us. For this reason, we have established a patronage committee with opinion leaders from the region. The members support us ideally in financing the new snowmaking system.

To the Patronage Committee

“I have learnt to ski on the Hochstuckli slopes more than 30 years ago. I would love it if future generations also were given the chance!”

Nadia Hürlimann-Styger, Sattel
Former ski racer