IGSU ambassador tour in Sattel-Hochstuckli

Once again, the interest group for a clean environment IGSU will visit us on 1 July and actively draw hikers attention to the issue of littering.

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Tour stop on 1 July 2020

Through the active sensitization work of the IGSU ambassador teams in our cities and mountains, the awareness of the population for the litter issue is strengthened and the correct disposal and recycling is encouraged in a sympathetic way. Unfortunately, a lot of litter is still being thrown away and left behind on hiking trails, ski slopes and fireplaces. Last year, a team of ambassadors was already on site with us in winter and sensitised winter guests about the topic of littering and "cleaned" the winter hiking trails and ski slopes.

On Wednesday, 1 July, the IGSU team of ambassadors will stop by at Sattel-Hochstuckli. The interest group for a clean environment, IGSU, will be travelling with a small car in the Mostelberg to Herrenboden area and draw hikers attention to the subject of littering.