Cancellation Horämänel Race & Stuckli Balloon Fiesta

The new variant Omikron bursts the anticipation of the traditional occasions on the family mountain. The high number of cases and the uncertain trend of the pandemic make it impossible for the organizers and Sattel-Hochstuckli AG to plan and offer the events as a safe snow experience for snow sports enthusiasts and spectators.

Corona virus sets the pace

Although Frau Holle has turned the Hochstuckli into a white landscape again just in time for January, the epidemiological situation is forcing those responsible on the Hochstuckli to cancel the Horämänel Race on January 15, 2022. The event, where brave horn sledders compete with their nostalgic sleds, has long become a tradition. This year, however, it is not the snow situation but the virus that sets the pace.

Postponement date for Balloon Fiesta is under consideration

In addition to the Horämänel race, the Stuckli Balloon Fiesta is also on "thin ice". Since the event is dependent on wind and weather, those responsible have already planned two postponement dates in advance.The event of January 23, 2022 will therefore be postponed for the time being. Based on the Covid situation, the Sattel-Hochstuckli AG and the Balloon Fiesta organizer will decide at the end of January whether the event can take place on one of the pre-reserved rescheduled dates (Feb. 13 or Feb. 27, 2022).