Ice carving - The cool team event

Creativity instead of crash ice!
Enjoy an unforgettable day on Sattel-Hochstuckli with your group.

Ice artists let your guests look into their icy knowledge box, reveal tips and tricks for processing and embellishing the highly versatile cold material. Whether the company logo, a fantasy figure or the theme of the meeting - the 130kg ice blocks are to be turned into ice sculptures with joint creativity and team spirit. Attention - if there is no team communication, there will be a lot of crash ice!

Offer includes

  • Ice block, carving tools, gloves, expert guidance by ice artist
  • ascent and descent with the revolving gondola


10-20 Personen CHF 184 per person
21-30 persons CHF 174 per person
31-40 persons CHF 162 per person
41-50 persons CHF 157 per person

Supplements (flat rate)

Arrival and material transport Impuls Event

CHF 315 (10 to 30 persons)

CHF 420 (31 to 40 persons)

Supplements (flat rate)

Event agency expenditure Impuls Event

CHF 205 (10 to 20 persons)

CHF 270 (21 to 50 persons)

CHF 325 (41 to 50 persons)


We would be pleased to offer you further menu variations in one of our cosy mountain inns.

After-hour ride outside the opening hours

  • CHF 200 flat rate for 1 ride
  • CHF 300 flat rate for 2 rides

all prices incl. 7.7% VAT

Booking & Contact

+41 41 836 80 80

In cooperation with Impuls Event