Suspension Bridge "Raiffeisen Skywalk"

The entrance to the new "Raiffeisen Skywalk" suspension bridge is right beside the Stuckli Rondo gondola station on Mostelberg.  The bridge hangs high above the wild and romantic Lauitobel valley at a height of up to 58 metres!  At a length of 374 metres, it is the longest foot suspension bridge in Europe.

The suspension bridge may be used in both summer and winter and is open during operating hours of the Sattel-Hochstuckli lifts.  Outside opening hours, entrance to the bridge is blocked.  The walkway is between 90 and 180 cm wide, so guests in wheelchairs and families with strollers can also enjoy this unique experience.

The bridge is monitored by video camera, while wind- and level meters help ensure the highest standard of safety. The structure is attached by four 50 mm thick cables and secured to the ground with 20 metre long ground anchors.  Each individual cable has a load-bearing capacity of 250 tonnes.  The walkway is made of a grating which is safely accessible both in rain and snow and also allows for snow removal.






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